Dermatology Community

Dermatology community and teledermatology

This teleconsultation service is based on the transmission of digital images following the store-and-forward method. Users are invited to submit clinical and dermatopathologic cases of interest to the discussion forum thus making them available for viewing and comment by all other members. is the homebase of The Community for Teledermatology | Dermatology.

International Society of Dermoscopy

The discussion forum of the International Society of Dermoscopy is a forum open to all members where they can discuss issues related to dermoscopy and skin tumors. The structure of this forum follows the open access philosophy utilized by the community. This application is used to share questions or images with other society members!

Africa Dermatology

Africa Dermatology

African Teledermatology has been created to provide dermatology support to local physicians, dermatologists, and health care workers in hospitals and clinics throughout Africa. This support is provided through Teledermatology consultation services pertaining to diagnosis and management of patients with skin diseases, created specifically for African countries.

Piel Dermatology

Piel teledermatology & teledermatopathology project

Piel Dermatology & teledermatopathology project is a new medical web application whereby physicians, medical students and any other healthcare workers can discuss cases in clinical dermatology and dermatopathology of tropical diseases with special emphasis on leprosy. A collaboration project between Austria, Brazil, Italy & Australia.